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Self-Published Author

My Latest Novel


Ghosts of the Fallen

     After the terrible events of Halloween 2018, Gideon and Jordy have moved their growing family to Gideon’s ranch in Wyoming where they settle into a perfectly routine life, or as perfectly routine as one can get for two immortals, an adopted mage, a goblin butler and a teleporting, fire-breathing dog.

    Elsewhere, a string of brutal murders begins to point to a supernatural assassin that leaves few, if any, clues operating in the Program’s jurisdiction. When the latest killing strikes too close to home, Gideon, Jordy, and their family are drawn into an adventure with world-altering ramifications.

There are some seven billion people living on this world,” Gideon said.  “A billion of those people have trace amounts of paranormal DNA.  A quarter of those people actually express paranormal traits.  A fifth of those who express paranormal traits are actually paranormals.  You mundanes vastly outnumber us, even as powerful as some of us are, if you turned on us, out of fear or jealousy, we’d all die.  That’s why we live according to the Roman Accords and maintain this open secret that we’re all myths and folklore.

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