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The Southern Magic Series

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When Absalom Falls

Absalom Falls, a small town nestled in the mountains of North Georgia, seems like the kind of place where a person could go to for refuge from the problems of our modern world.  At least, that’s what Gideon and Jordy Shaw are hoping when they move there to recuperate from their latest adventure. Assuming the identities of two teachers at Absalom Falls Academy, an exclusive private boarding school, they make friends with Miles Liu and his daughter, Cassie, and enjoy their mundane lives.


However, an unspeakable evil from the distant past is on the move behind the scenes, hidden beneath the tranquility of small-town life, and it is preparing to unleash the forces of hell on earth


Ghosts of the Fallen

     After the terrible events of Halloween 2018, Gideon and Jordy have moved their growing family to Gideon’s ranch in Wyoming where they settle into a perfectly routine life, or as perfectly routine as one can get for two immortals, an adopted mage, a goblin butler and a teleporting, fire-breathing dog.

     Elsewhere, a string of brutal murders begins to point to a supernatural assassin that leaves few, if any, clues operating in the Program’s jurisdiction. When the latest killing strikes too close to home, Gideon, Jordy, and their family are drawn into an adventure with world-altering ramifications.

The Cassandra Case Files


Cassandra Case Files

Meet Mack and K.C. McDuff, owners of Mac & Mac Enterprises.  They're security consultants and sometime bounty hunters, but they don't deal with average, every day, mundane threats.  They hunt monsters for a living.  Traveling like nomads in a converted school bus, they roam America, facing threats too small or too personal for the government to notice, much less deal with.  Their calling is to protect the innocent, to fight the good fight. If they make a profit along the way, so much the better. From the mountains of West Virginia to a refurbished ghost town in Colorado, join Mack and KC  as they make new friends, meet old friends, and shoot evil in the face.


From "The Lewisburg Monster"

"Are you Big Foot researchers like that nice fella that came over from Kentucky last month?"

"No, ma'am, we're not cryptozoologists.  We're more what you might call, um, bounty hunters or highly specialized exterminators."

"So, you're literal Big Foot hunters?"



Includes two novellas in the Southern Magic universe. 

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The Weapon Bearer's Son




What is a Werewolf supposed to do when he finds out he's descended from fallen angels?


Hang on for another unexpected adventure, Mac and KC are back. From Montana to Delaware be prepared for new friends and old acquaintances to cross your path.  


From The Weapon Bearer's Son:

"What evil in its right mind is gonna attack a ranch protected by a pack of heavily armed Montanan cowboy werewolves?"


The Centurion Duology

Centurion: In the Valley Of the God-Kings


Reinforcements have arrived with more promised to arrive eventually.  In the meantime, Ranger must ready his allies, including Kat, for their next battle with the invaders, a battle that may well decide the fate of both sides.

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Centurion: Before the Smuggler's Court



    It was just another day for award-winning documentarian and army brat, Kat Delbath. Late hours in the dark, editing her latest project were nothing new; but little did she know that tonight she was on a collision course with terrorists that would flip her life upside down and prove to her that everything she knew was a lie.

     In the midst of a series of terror attacks, she’s learning that the universe is a little more crowded than she realized. Kat owes her life to her very own version of a knight in shining armor: An Armada Centurion in Black Armor. Meet Ranger. Her world will never be the same.

The Magog Gambit



Jordana Quinlan's life as a typical American college coed is turned upside down when she meets the mysterious and attractive Professor Gideon Shaw. When members of a shadowy death cult attempt to kidnap her, Jordana is drawn into a world of monsters, ancient magic, and epic destiny. In the world of Southern Magic, the monsters are real.





Dangerous Games

     What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  Mason Campbell is a down on his luck mercenary and professional hunting guide who has ended his weekend in Sin City $100,000 in the hole to a local “Rat.”  Enter the mysterious Mr. Zaroff with an offer Mason can’t refuse, an opportunity to use his skills as an outdoorsman to pay off those gambling debts. The bored elite of the world are looking for a challenge. Some excitement. Thrills. And they are prepared to pay for their pleasures.   However, instead of serving as the guide on a rich man’s safari, Mason is expected to serve as the prey.  Too bad for them there is more to Mason than meets the eye.  The hunt is on, but this time the Dangerous Games Club may have bitten off more than they can chew.

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